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About Earth Wisdom Centre

We are a Community and Regenerative Learning Centre,

connecting people to the Earth, each other and future generations.

The Vision

Connecting people to the earth, each other and future generations.

Our Mission

A holistic community and regenerative learning centre in Alberta


What We Do

We provide a space for community, students, leaders and teachers to come together and co-create holistic permaculture based educational programming, providing the skills and wisdom that will empower all involved to live more harmoniously with the earth, themselves and each other. 

This is accomplished through on-site demonstration-based educational programming, long-term ecological programs offering unique certifications and diplomas, community-living retreats, as well as online courses and special events.

This programming is made up of three ‘spheres’ of focus: 


Regenerative Earthworks & Food Resiliency, Natural Building, Design & Ecological Technology


Nourishment & Wellness Arts


Co-Creation, Community & Sacred Creative Arts

What is Regenerative Learning?

Regenerative Education aims to:

  • Progressively improve the whole individual (body, mind, and spirit)

  • Express the essence of the individual and the learner’s innate potential embedded in the larger reality they inhabit

  • Continually cultivate just and reciprocal relationships with other individuals, communities and nature

  • Honour the interconnected and mutually influential relationship between people and the ecosystem where they live

  • Promote justice, equity, compassion and cooperation

  • Honour the uniqueness and expression of each person

  • Look to the past and the future, our elders and our youth, for wisdom in order to bridge the inter-generational gap

  • Look to uplift every person in order to create conditions for “peace and prosperity” for everyone.

  • Reward diversity, inclusivity, generosity, creativity, innovation and the fruits of our collective intelligence

  • Understand that life is iterative and ever-changing, circular not linear, that change is the only constant, that evolution has gotten us where we are today


Our Objectives

  • Maintain, manage and grow an educational training centre that upholds the vision and mission of the organization including the choice of teachers and courses.

  • Honouring the teachings and respecting the ancestral heritage and wisdom of our first peoples and holding all lands as sacred. 

  • Provide educational programs that encourage and facilitate the integrative holistic goals of the Earth Wisdom Centre.

  • Demonstrate a caring earth ethic through all operations, programs and teachings of the Earth Wisdom Centre

  • Utilize permaculture teachings for healthy food self-sufficiency. 

  • Create a forum for members of the Earth Wisdom Centre and the community at large to share like-minded efforts and knowledge. 

  • Purchase, sell, manage, maintain, lease, rent, mortgage, dispose of or otherwise deal with the property of the Earth Wisdom Centre.

  • Create an integrative learning environment where learners and facilitators journey together and a space is held for learning that is integrated through the mind, practiced and applied in demonstration and holds space for the learner to find their place and purpose with their learning - creating wisdom. 

  • EWC uses Sociocracy as a decision making and governance model utilizing sociocratic processes such as; consent based decision making, role selection process, feedback loops, proposal forming, implementation of plans, evaluation & feedback and revision based on the feedback. 

  • Value the aspects of creating, implementing and demonstrating - 3 key facets of a thriving community: recordkeeping and financial processes, creating opportunities for community connections, restorative work and continual regenerative training.

  • Use sociocracy and implement sociocratic processes in all areas of decision making and governance that upholds the values of equivalency, transparency and efficiency, creating harmonious, linked circles. 

  • Each Circle involved with EWC has clearly identified aims/objectives and domains that are part of carrying out the vision and mission of EWC. 

  • EWC values and integrates whenever possible the 15 Principles and Values of Permaculture & Design:

The 15 Principles and Values of Permaculture Design

1. Earth Care

  • Honouring and nurturing nature

  • Respecting Earth, nature and all creatures


2. People Care

  • Honouring, nurturing and respecting self, family and community


3. Fair Share

  • Sharing surplus, redistributing wealth

  • Giving and receiving

  • Setting limits on consumption


4. Spirit Care

  • Acknowledging, respecting and honouring the Spirit in all things.


5. Observe and Interact

  • Observing what works and what doesn’t     

  • Learning from mistakes

  • Designing to improve the environment

  • Considering, connecting and linking to other systems


6. Use Small Groups and Slow Solutions

  • Designing smaller and more sustainable systems rather than bigger

  • Keeping it simple, practical and energy efficient


7. Use and Value Diversity

  • Considering how elements complement and help each other

  • Considering plants, animals, people, the land, microorganisms and structures on all scales

  • Building in sustainability, strength and resilience through inter-relationships


8. Use Edges and Value the Marginal

  • Recognising the productivity and diversity of the areas between different systems

  • Making best use of boundaries and edges


9. Catch and Store Energy

  • Rebuilding the planet’s capital

  • Designing long-term energy storage and cycling systems

  • Incorporate elevational planning 


10. Obtain a Yield

  • Benefitting from harvesting food, fibre, timber, wisdom, health, success, growth, money

  • Obtaining multiple benefits from each element


11. Apply Self Regulation and Accept Feedback

  • Taking personal responsibility for our needs and actions

  • Allowing change in ourselves and the world

  • Growing up, growing each other up and planning for the future


12. Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services

  • Using products that support a healthy planet

  • Supporting businesses with earth care and people care ethics

  • Using less energy


13. Produce No Waste

  • Cycling energy within the system

  • Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Reclaim, Reinvent, Recreate, Re-Educate, Revamp, Reorganise, Rearrange, Resource


14. Design From Patterns to Details

  • Working with the patterns of nature

  • Designing from the back door outward

  • Placing each element in the most effective location after observing patterns and energy flow


15. Creatively Use and Respond to Change

  • Cooperating and adapting to changes interesting the system

  • Adjusting to the new in creative and transformative ways


Our Values

Whole Systems Design including:


  • Develop fair, effective and accountable institutions.

  • Ensure equal and lifelong access to holistic education and healthcare.

  • Cultivate responsive, inclusive and transparent decision making.

  • Empower participatory leadership and good governance.

  • Practice conflict facilitation, communication and peacebuilding skills.

  • Embrace diversity and build thriving communities. 



  • Nurture mindfulness and personal growth.

  • Reconnect to nature and embrace low-impact lifestyles.

  • Connect to a higher purpose in life. 

  • Celebrate life and diversity through art.

  • Respect cultural traditions that support human dignity. 


  • Generate wellbeing for all through economic justice.

  • Reconstruct the concepts of wealth, work and progress.

  • Ensure equitable ownership of land and resources. 



  • Work with waste as a valuable resource.

  • Increase biodiversity and regenerate ecosystems.

  • Innovate and spread green building technologies. 

  • Move towards 100% renewable energies.

  • Grow food and soils through organic agriculture.

Whole Systems Design

  • Honour traditional wisdom while integrating positive innovation.

  • Learn from nature and practice whole systems thinking. 

  • Identify the appropriate scale for efficient solutions.

  • Engage all stakeholders in designs for the future. 

  • Build networks and alliances for mutual support across all divides. 

How We Organize

Sociocracy-  also known as Dynamic Governance is the process we use for decision making and governance through all processes and functions of the Earth Wisdom Centre. Sociocracy provides a structure that values equivalency, transparency and efficiency and is the key piece to further our integrative learning philosophy by providing processes that are inclusive to members, employees, students, facilitators and participants. Being an organization that values communities and teaching Collaborative Community Arts, the sociocratic method is integral to a healthy, thriving community and organization. Sociocracy also provides an excellent methodology of experiential learning and implementation through employing feedback loops and proposal forming.


Join the Cause

We would love your help co-creating this vision. Become a volunteer today!

We are currently looking for people with skills in: fundraising, marketing, event organization, grant writing, and more.

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